iOS Checklist

Move Google Keep to Apple Notes

  1. Export Google Keep at Google Takeout
  2. Expand ZIP
  3. Import from Apple Notes on Desktop
  4. Select folder or all HTML files in Keep folder of ZIP
  5. Move Notes, ten at a time, over to iCloud Notes inside Apple Notes on Desktop from Imported notes folder. Select ten and right click to move.

Move Google Reminders to Apple Reminders

  1. Open Google Reminders on Android phone by telling Google Assistant to show all reminders
  2. Open Apple Reminders on Desktop
  3. Type in all reminders from phone and delete once they are copied over

Move Google Books to iBooks

  2. Download each book as EPUB or PDF as alternative from vertical three dots on book
  3. Save all to Downloads folder
  4. Drag and drop all EPUBs and PDFs to iBooks on Desktop, might need to enable Advanced menu in Settings

Move Google Maps to Maps

Apple Maps in iOS 13 has Lists similar to Google Maps but the Apple app is simplified and doesn’t have as many features as the Google app. It does have a simplified navigation voice, speed limit, lists can be shared, and more whitespace design.


  • Gmail, Calendar and Photos, keep as is for now. These take up space on iCloud.

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