Jekyll and iMac



Yesterday, I had reached my wits end with Jekyll or so I thought. I went to sleep. This morning, I solved that problem I had. How to display Jekyll Front Matter from a page in a Collections folder on a custom layout. I got as far as installing WordPress on a server when I heard a little voice say, “Don’t give up.” I reached out to the Jekyll Talk Discourse forum but I had it solved before I received an answer. It had something to do with the config.yml and I just needed to add a defaults scope for the collection and it was fixed.

I suppose I have the same attitude about working on computers to fix them. I keep walking through doors until I have solved the problem in front of me. A church friend gave me his broken iMac of late 2009 with the problem of a blue screen. I need to remove the hard drive, which I have already figured out but I’m also wondering if the logic board is really busted. I do like to tinker.


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