I am struggling to focus on one task. I feel like the definition of A.D.D. and I have not written in a while. I just finished a church logo and the process took a while because I got the idea for it while I was going through grief. Grief is like depression and a heavy fog hitting you at the same time, for me it is like always forgetting that the door is already locked and going back to check it seconds later or walking in circles not being able to remember where the keys are. I could see the final design after I went through several iterations of the logo first from getting the ideas from the pastor, sketching on paper, to consulting my design mentors, to crumpling up several layers of grid paper, recording a video of myself so I would not forget the whys, to talking it out and being influenced by others’ inspiration to finally seeing the final design in color in my thoughts. From there it took a while to think simple and get it into digital format. I am happy with the final logo and most importantly it was voted on by the board members and they all chose the best one out of three, which I secretly admired myself.




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