Moving Along



Here’s to my second 2 weeks on the road.

Some days are boring: i.e. – no music, no friends who answer their phones, no color in the shrubbery, etc.

Some days are the opposite of the above.

Most days are spent content that I get to drive, but wondering what I could possibly major in, back at college.. I’ve been thinking Graphic Design, but what do I do with that ?

I could continue in Engineering, I know what to do there?

Seems I’m better Art than Math. Maybe it’s cause I’ve had too many years of college, that I don’t care anymore about math… I still like to learn new things.

Maybe I’ll just be like a Michelangello, moving from one interest to another.

Maybe in a year, I’m gone to the other side of the ocean, because I hear that I can take a “leave of absence” for 3 months or more from my company, and still have my job when I get back. 🙂

I’ll go live somewhere else and work on a farm, just maybe.


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