Past adventures of a Woodturner

It’s been a full year since I ventured into the extended shed that my Dad and I built for my woodturning adventure. I enjoyed building it with him. I was excited to start a year of woodturning but then I got sick for a whole three months and I found myself intrigued more by landscape photography.

I’ve spent a year walking into that space and not having the excitement to move on with it. It’s almost like I’m crying at my own funeral if I were to put it as a raw analogy. Excitement is within me to do something grand with it but as I walk into there, all that is lost. I find myself literally lost in the art of woodturning. I have the tool in hand and the sharpeners’ wheel is spinning but the in-between of how to sharpen it is lost.

Therefore, I am considering this my second entrepreneurship that has failed. The first being a woodturning tutorials website where I would record others demos, post them and charge a monthly subscription fee. That failed because woodturning became popular on YouTube where watching it was free.

A friend mentioned to me that he leaves some of his hobbies to the side and revisits them later. I’ve wondered if I’m too rushed to sell these investments and will regret it later.

And this sounds like an excuse, “I’m trying to simplify my hobbies.”




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