Personal Project: Sort HTML Tables



I’ve been sick as a dog since Sunday (28-Dec-2014) with a sore throat and cold. I hardly want to talk because it hurts and when I do talk (would prefer not to), my voice is full bass and staggered/monotone so I don’t cough. I chose a simple project because thinking hard was too much for this sick dog.

I was looking at a website and eyeing two pages they have with duplicate content but ordered differently. And I wondered, why not put it all on one table and somehow sort it. First, I wanted to cheat by using an embedded sheet from Google Drive but I put that aside because it was too complex for the common passerby and not stylish. After searching, I found an article which presented three solutions and I chose the simplest of them. I even learned a CSS trick for sorting an entire table column without using a class.

Updated (May 3, 2017): I’m adding the code I wrote for this, back on December 30, 2014, below in hopes that it’ll help others. Click here to see the page code to which you can add your own data.


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