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Most recently, the need to have multiple venues or platforms to post on has felt exhausting. I recently closed my Twitter account of 4000+ tweets and it seemed at the time that I wanted to focus my efforts on Instagram and Facebook, especially the photography page. Last year, I closed my Google Plus account and I haven’t looked back. It’s good to understand these platforms for future clients and that’s why I joined them way back in beginning when Web 1.0-2.0 was an exciting time of creating web apps instead of software apps since the web was able to host them more dependently and more people were “trusting” the webs as a “computer.” I started in Google Plus as a Beta user (i.e. before the public could create their accounts without invite) and later in Twitter just after they launched and in Gmail when it was by invite only.

Now that time has passed and I see my website design business flattening out (I still welcome new clients), I am less interested as an individual to stay committed to these platforms, although I did meet many good friends within, my internal storage is feeling a bit overwhelmed by having them and despite seeming smart, brilliant and complex to others in the way I come across depending on my audience, I have always preferred to live a simpler life.

Thus to my point, closing these accounts and making less accessible time for others, produces a sensation that I have freed myself from their psychological grip. One of those others that I do not want to close yet because it serves as a communication tool with family and distant friends, and as a forum/group tool for interacting with and helping others in web development, and finding remote work opportunities, that is currently Facebook. I have tried this in the past, to put it aside, to close it but that kept me out of the loop of upcoming events. This trial around, I have removed the Facebook app (not Messenger) from both my mobile devices and when I need to really use it, I will boot the laptop.

Just that step, I have a small sensation of freedom as if a proverbial twister has moved past me into the abyss. There’s more to life than Facebook, which I have already known for many years but I am writing it into this argument.

For everything else, there’s email.




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