Stretching is Unproductive

In ten years, I had created too many blogs. Some were personal, some anonymous, some creative and this blog was technical. At first, it was to separate topics and create sites that were all about one genre. Then it was separating the day-to-day personal from the technical. And finally, it was to separate those genres to see where I could write more about one over the other to learn what I really liked. At last, some of them never were written in and some had a rare update every few months. The expectation on myself, not from anyone else, was to write for each and everyone. It made writing less fun and relaxing to turning that joy into a chore; a chore that I kept pushing more and more to the side.

Enter DeskPM (now Desk) that helped me come back to writing and being relaxed by that action. It helped ideas to flow out quickly and I could expand the editor into a fullscreen to become truly distraction-free. There was an encouraging community online in a forum where I made “online” friendships with other writers. Now I wanted to write more often and I followed some of their blogs with Feedly (John Saddington – since TentBlogger, Khürt Williams, Drew Downs, Manoj, and Josue Molina). Occasionally reading their written posts even now.

One particular pattern noticed in all their blogs, despite career choice, they always seemed to have a singular public-facing blog. Instead of a singular topic per blog, it was a singular blog with multiple topics. It was their personal mixed with their hobbies and works, mixed with their musings. “Eureka!,” I thought to myself, “Finally I can be myself again and show who I am as a human being without breaking myself apart.” It was freedom to let go and just write as much as I wanted, all on one blog. Not fretting boundaries (not that I will share every single thing here about my private life) and not thinking to myself that just because the home page is geared towards attracting new web design clients for custom WordPress themes, the blog itself also has to be only geared towards the technical.

I became more unproductive as a writer because I was stretched thin because I was separating all those topics into separate blogs. And when I did that, I limited my creative freedoms in the writing arena.

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