The Best Clients



It occurred to me that my best clients have been the ones that stick with me the longest. And they seem to be genuine, understanding when I make mistakes, follow through when they say they’ll do something, willing to offer suggestions, willing to help me succeed, and they pay me on time. And for me I feel like I give the best quality work and I also feel like I’m dedicated to finding the best solution or at least the best working solution for any problem that arises within those jobs. And I would say that most of the time I find the work more satisfying than having a hard job that I don’t enjoy. I get excited when the work comes in and the type of job or the type of problem that I’m going to solve for them. And when I can’t do it I usually say so and even if it doesn’t work out I try to find some solutions on the internet that will help me solve their problem. The other thing I enjoy doing for these jobs is learning new skills and those ideas for new skills come from having that work that I cannot figure out, so I sign up for courses to help me advance. I hope I can meet more people like this and I feel like they make me a better person.


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