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For several years, I have owned several variants of a phone, from a flip phone to a smartphone. When I started, I used Verizon’s service and an LG flip phone with an external antenna, then I moved to not owning a cellphone at all. Finally, the day came when services such as Boost Mobile and StraightTalk came around and the monthly payments went down, even though I had to pay the full price of the phone up front. The bonus of these plans was that I was no longer regulated to “minutes” but to a monthly-payment plan that stayed consistent no matter what.

Since last year, I’ve been reading all the leaks and watching all the prototype videos of the iPhone 6/Plus and Nexus 6 smartphones. And now, they are available to purchase but unlike most of my readers who are stuck to a 2-year contract and the get the phone at half the price or even $0, I pay the full price. Therefore, I spend more time thinking about my next upgrade and whether it’s a need or a want.

I won’t go and describe what these two phones are like because there are plenty of reviews available out there and I’ll share two links from MKBHD’s YouTube channel. I really enjoy watching Marques Brownlee’s videos because he edits them well and shows professionalism when speaking and in his product presentation. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for over a year.

I’m wanting to purchase a Nexus 6 (64-GB RAM). Why that one over the iPhone 6/Plus? The price is lower, I use Google for most everything and like the Auto Awesome features in Google Plus Photos, I dislike the troubles I’ve seen my friends with iPhones/iPads go through when trying to change their account’s email address, password, and the customer support over the phone tends to frustrate more than help. And there are other hoops I wouldn’t want to put myself through. Other than that, I would buy an iPad because it’s just simple to use and there are more artistic apps available there. Android apps, so far, tend to lean toward the work and educational aspect of life and less towards shared artistic apps complimentary in features with an iPad. There are exceptions to my perspectives but that’s the gist of how I see the two as of now. There are many pluses to both Apple devices and if they were to work on their account recovery process a bit more, I might be convinced.

What am I waiting for? Nexus 6 sold out as soon as they were online and when I signed up for Motorola’s notifications, they were also sold out by the time I got to the website. The iPhone 6/Plus, meanwhile, is tempting because it always seems to be in stock and available to purchase off-contract. Hopefully, the wait for the Nexus 6 will end.

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