Why I’m learning Korean

Listening to Korean

I’ve been listening to groups of Koreans speaking for almost 12 months now. So, lately, I’ve been more and more annoyed that I haven’t been pushing myself to learn. I have so many resources at my fingertips.

Why learn?

I see learning Korean as another challenge to pick up and run with. I don’t tend to master my challenges when learning languages but learn enough to get around and carry on a good conversation.

What did I start with and where am I now

When I first started, I purchased a book and two dictionaries. But nowadays, I mostly listen in on Korean conversations when I’m enjoying a Korean meal at the small restaurant. I also watch alot of Korean dramas, though I’ve drifted from that in the last month. My next interest is following along at http://talktomeinkorean.com.

Korean dramas

I used to watch dramas without taking note and I watched alot of dramas so I’d forget which ones I did watch. So I started keeping a list of what I watched and then a friend of mine wanted to watch one and I wasn’t able to recommend something to him, that wouldn’t offend him. So I started to rate the dramas I watched by using the American TV ratings or writing from the perspective of a parent who didn’t want their young ones seeing something bad. I say that I rate them from innocent eyes. I do my best.

On this link which I started in 2007, you can also see movies I have watched (though I don’t have everything from my entire life), links to sites that host links, my favorite actors and actresses, and a total count from each sheet.




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