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I had my car for several years before I started considering installing my HF/VHF radio and antennas into it. I had slowly moved away from ham radio activities despite keeping my Extra Class license renewed after having it for ten years. It was hard for me to figure out how to put it into there because of the tight constraints. I finally figured out some ingenious ideas and with the help of a friend, we hacked together two thumb screws from washers and epoxy to hold the remote faceplate mount and still be able to remove it at will. I had a small budget to constrain the project within just in case I decided to back out of it later.

Now that it’s finally been added and another friend has helped fix the radio, I hardly drive my car enough to use it. I consider myself microphone shy therefore I listen a lot when I do use it. Hopefully soon I’ll come around to making a contact.

I occasionally listen on 40m and 20m depending on conditions. KG4DNI is my FCC callsign (Keep God 4 Daniel Needs Instruction—an unofficial method to remember my callsign by that my friend Paul (KM4AB) created for me many years ago).


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