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This year, I’ve been spending more time on myself. Filling in the cracks to the knowledge that I already have building sites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) structures. Encouraging my clients to follow the basics of SEO that I’ve written about already.

Although not directly related to SEO, I wanted to jump in to Javascript finally after many years of just looking at it from an observer and tinkerer’s point of view. I have yet to start the 30 days of Javascript course that I purchased but I started and finished the SoloLearn app’s course while I was sick in January. I started while I was sick and after two weeks break, because I was really low on energy, I finished it. Received an in-app certificate and then I completed the HTML course just to review the HTML5 portion. SoloLearn is free to download and all the courses are contained within the one app, although I found it as a separate Javascript (JS) app. I found the teaching style of showing me a definition, the code, a mini quiz followed each section and final quiz that covered every topic. If you already know parts of it, you can take a quiz to jump ahead. There’s also a community of people that you can join, I didn’t. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines looking at JS for five plus years and not getting into it.

I never had any official training on JS but when I had a project to do with an API or jQuery, I mastered the know-how under three hours and could troubleshoot what was wrong to fix whatever problem I encountered. I find that code seeps quickly into my memory when it’s been a long day and the day’s end has approached, I’m tired but my mind is still alert despite the groggy feeling. It takes me “seconds” to absorb new unfamiliar code then at midnight-1:30 a.m., but at 3 p.m. it’s hours to even have the foggiest idea figuring it out.

I jumped from the sidelines to the playing field with the SoloLearn app. I had tried to learn JS with Codeacademy, TreeHouse, etc., but to no avail. In SoloLearn, I was grasping the definitions in seconds. I knew that I understood code syntax, but the definitions for doing it were not there engrained in my thoughts.

In my previous posts, you can see the extent of my knowledge with SEO and there is some that I will keep private because that’s my livelihood. Same mindset goes along with why I’m learning more about setting up traffic funnels. Before, I knew about them, I knew how to set up ClickFunnels routing, I knew why they were used, I just was missing the in-between knowledge of what each section could be. Again, the definitions where missing. I had all the structural materials and blueprint, just missing the bonding cement.

I’m learning about traffic funnels, all the ins and outs of each, pulling traffic in through ads, and much more that I’d rather not go into detail here. I’m strengthening my PHP and JS languages pillar, the marketing pillar and the SEO (On-page and Local) pillar.

I’m self-studying these topics in between work for clients and then applying them to the sites I work on as part of a marketing package. Giving it all my best while learning from the best experts on these topics. Filling the gaps in my knowledge graph so that I have more confidence in them and can offer them as services for future clients.


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