Living with The Word

Being a Christian, it doesn’t mean that every problem in your life is solved. It means that there is always someone there by your side who loves you, Jesus.

And when you die, you won’t be lost forever. But Jesus, he has many plans for you and you will hear his voice when you pray and read his Word (Bible). You should also continue going to church and being with other believers. Even if you don’t feel like God is speaking to you, he is still there next to you. You might be in the right place for this time and he doesn’t have anything for you to change. Jesus will change you from the inside to the outside, but it is forever a process because we are still sinners (our bodies are living in a sinful world), even though Jesus forgave our sins. Every Christian has the ups and downs, some dry areas in their relationship with Jesus, like a desert. But all of the time, it is us who has turned away from God or forgotten how much he loves us. But if you look behind you, He is still there with you. Sometimes you have to go through those dry times because Jesus knows you will understand him more and be more dependent on him for everything you need. You become humble during that time and realize that you can’t live your life without him and you can’t do anything without his help. When YOU realize that, that is when the most happy you will be. The dry area makes us more patient and shows us how to endure the hard times to get through with Jesus right there. Then there are the happy times and we fall back into the dry time when we think, all that money is mine and not belonging to Jesus or we think, I can do this now, I don’t need Jesus by me. We also see God’s blessing and hopefully we remember those dry times and praise God for the love He shows towards us each day.

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