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It’s been a month since I realized my second Apple computer was not going to survive. A word of advice; after reading many forums, Apple-owned community feedback sites, and my own experiences; don’t purchase an Apple computer that was made between 2009 and 2014, because they’ll all die within two years or less of a Logic Board and/or GPU failure. If you did not get an Apple care warranty with it, then you are doing yourself a disfavor. And someone else informed me that you can also obtain an insurance policy to cover it longer than Apple’s with an insurance company even the same that handles your vehicle.

Thankfully a coworker gave me a laptop he did not need. I decided to use Ubuntu MATE because it’s definitely faster than Windows on this computer and it has a helpful software boutique for installing most programs I needed without use of the terminal. I still intend to save up for another macOS computer later this year. I get most tasks done with the exception of Adobe products. I have alot invested in the previous operating system.

Here you can see a Desktop screenshot (soon).

Two programs that I used the most on macOS were Panic’s Coda and Final Cut Pro X. I’ve found two alternatives, which are Atom and Kdenlive. Atom is similar to Sublime and has installable packages for integrating an inline FTP application. Kdenlive has improved alot since 2009 when I last used it.

Atom and Kdenlive screenshots (soon).


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