Monroe Art Walk 2022



My friend Michael Hutchinson has started displaying his photography in the Dowd Center Theatre in Monroe, North Carolina. On the second day of a month’s-long gallery show at the theatre, I went up in the afternoon to support him. I met him outside after he had just finished a hot dog he had bought from a restaurant just across the street. Together, we walked back inside and talked about his works. I enjoyed being there.

Michael Hutchinson—Fujifilm X100S, f/2.8 1/160s 23.0mm ISO800, SOOC

Then I walked over to another building and looked at other artists’ works that were showing for just the two days of the Monroe Art Walk. I took a few pictures that caught my attention.

The Stairwell—Fujifilm X100S, f/2 1/60s 23.0mm ISO800, SOOC

These other shots are from the second floor.

Young lady sitting by her works (from the entrance)—Fujifilm X100S, f/2 1/60s 23.0mm ISO500, SOOC
Thinking of Jim Grey—Fujifilm X100S, f/2 1/125s 23.0mm ISO640, SOOC


2 responses to “Monroe Art Walk 2022”

  1. Kristin E Avatar
    Kristin E

    When will you have your photos displayed like this, Daniel?

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      I haven’t sought it out.

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