This is my first participation in Jim Goldstein’s yearly photography blog project.

Little House on the Prairie
Morenci MI
Nitrolee Dam, as it is known locally, was created by Duke Power in 1916 on the Catawba River. The Fishing Creek Reservoir provides hydroelectric power through the dam to Chester and Lancaster counties.
Fishing Creek Reservoir, Great Falls SC
Fall Apart
Matthews NC
Saturday Night
Oak Island NC
Life is Music—Smiling lady wearing a white plume and colorful long paper dress.
Charlotte NC
Star de Light
McAdenville NC

3 responses to “My Best Photos From 2019”

  1. Carol Brinneman Avatar

    Proud of you, Daniel, and thank God for your talent!

  2. Khürt Williams Avatar

    Daniel, this is a wonderfully diverse set of images. My favourites are the Great Depression and House of Trees.

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