My Gutenberg Experience on macOS

I’ve seen so many posts on the pros and cons of Gutenberg thanks to Khürt Williams sharing links with me on email and in his blog. Thankfully, my blog is using Jekyll and I’ve set it up where it just works for well for my needs.

I have at least two websites using Gutenberg, one with a bunch of authors who I prepped about the new change in advance and I haven’t received any complaints so far even though I offered to help if they had any. I did hear one positive elation about the new editor from my friend who writes for the blog and he writes alot. The other site, I’m the main posting editor there. I receive the written post then copy and paste it into Gutenberg from my macOS, edit the copy, add a custom featured image and publish it. I’ve even pasted from Google Docs and no problems there.

I’ll share my method of writing first then share the differences between the new editor and the classic editor. When I write a new post, I click at least once to start, another time to add in an image and adjust the size or meta, another to add a featured image, and another for categories, and another for publish. That’s almost fourteen clicks give or take and that is still my flow outside of WordPress and was my flow in the classic editor of WordPress.

I used the Gutenberg editor when it was in beta and yes, it was buggy. I uninstalled it and waited a few months, then reinstalled it. It was less buggy this go around and I felt comfortable enough to wrap my mind around new concept and learn it. Then I left WordPress for Jekyll and stopped playing with it. I used it again when it was part of core, no more bugs. I’m a graphic designer by degree and Gutenberg has the feel of InDesign without the steep learning curve of that software. I like this new ability to place these blocks and switch back into the code when I want to tinker. And I like the documentation that is available to help me build my own blocks when I need more functionality than what is provided at this time. I’m also content that it replaced Elementor Pro on a website where the license had expired with the functions I needed and afterward removed those couple of plugins.

Now, when I write in Gutenberg in the web browser on WordPress 5.0.1 on macOS, it’s one click into the title field, write the title, hit Tab to move to the first text block, type that first paragraph, hit Enter (instead of two Enters that I needed in the classic editor), type the next paragraph, etc. When I need to insert the image, I type /image then hit Enter, click to upload the image and add the meta, click to insert the image, then the usual clicks for a featured image, categories and publishing. That’s allowed me to abandon the mouse more while writing. There’s almost ten clicks here with the new editor.

My number of clicks may not be exact on each editor but there’s definitely less mouse clicks in the new editor. I’m satisfied just by this.

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