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I met a new client at the end of July 2014 and only now in mid-September 2014, after lots of back and forth, primarily getting content from them, lots of looking for design inspiration and lots of praying for a good design, it’s finally coming together. Tomorrow, I meet with them to go over the inspiration I’ve found and talk about the lawn care business aspects. Praying that that will bring about a full-circle splash of colors and a renewed confidence in what I’ll have for them at the end. I’m all about doing my best for the client and not copping out for a cheap template design.

I hadn’t expected this design conceptualization to take more than two weeks. Usually in two weeks, I can visualize a full-color web design for the client after spending all that time, drawing and then finding websites that will give me the inspiration for the colors, menu navigation, and full layout.

The hard part was just finding lawn care websites and I had to keep re-adjusting the search engine keywords to find just the right images. I searched using Google, Pinterest, Behance, Dribble, and more.

Pinterest was the best, over Evernote, to display my findings. Evernote ran out of space on the free account and I wasn’t about to pay just for one project. Pinterest has a simple, not complex, user interface.

Update (20 Nov 2014): In the end, the client made the decision to back out when the site was one week away from launch. Overall, I enjoyed working with them and stretching myself to come up with a really good design.


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