No more…

…eating these foods because I stopped eating foods with gluten (wheat, barley, rye, MSG) for legit health side affects. Some of these can be made with substitute flours like corn and rice but I’m not going out of my way.

  • Sushi with crunch toppings and since they are all prepared on the same bench, I cannot have any of it.
  • Most Korean foods are off limits
  • Chinese food
  • Pies
  • Pizza unless it’s gluten-free
  • Cakes
  • Any sodas now make me really tired. I had trouble falling asleep last week, drank a can of gingerale and I was out in minutes.
  • Most cereals except for corn and rice
  • Oatmeal unless it is marked gluten-free
  • Any breaded meats
  • Most fast-food breads
  • Ramen
  • Croutons
  • Qdoba unless it’s in a bowl
  • Nothing at Taco Bell except for their hard shell and Doritos tacos
  • Nothing at McDonalds except for milkshakes, ice cream, salads, and patties without buns

My favorite places to eat are salad buffets at Jason’s Deli, Hook and Ladder salad at Firehouse Subs, Salmon and mixed greens at Portofino’s, and Subway. I have yet to check out Chopt.




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