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In reply to Khürt’s post about the Now page:

It’s an interesting concept. I’ve considered a similar page for a work timeline and at one time had it listed on the old website. I first want to read the rest of the Now pages before I decide to put time into this.

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  1. Daniel, your post doesn’t have the proper webmention markup. This is what you have now.

    In reply to Khürt’s <a href="post about the Now page"></a>.

    HTML for a full proper webmention would be:

    In reply to Khürt’s <a href="" class="u-in-reply-to">post about the Now page</a>.

    If you are using to send Webmentions then correct markdown would be:

    In reply to Khürt’s [post about the Now page](

    Until it links correctly, my website won’t receive a proper [Webmention]( class=”me”).

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