I was inspired to write a short update on my process after reading A photography back up strategy to avoid saying “I lost my photos!”

The Sony a6000 only has one SD card slot. I usually shoot on a fast SD card of 128GB. Then those photos are backed up to my iMac. I will go through some of those photos and edit them, then move the folder to my external hard drive. While I am using my iMac during the day, I leave the external plugged in and use Backblaze to back up anything on my desktop computer and external drive. And additionally I have Google Photos backup uploading at High Quality (small file size) so I can thumb through the photos later when I have a desire to post new photos but I need to see what I took. I’ll go back to my main file on the external after seeing which file name it is and edit that on macOS, which I prefer, or pull it from Backblaze and use Affinity Photo on iPad.

I used CrashPlan’s home user plan until it was cut then went back to external drives for a year. Now I am using Backblaze. It just feels right for me and they have that two-step authentication.

Although it is not a true backup, I have iCloud to temporarily hold files I am working on in the present then move them back to the iMac so they can be backed up.