Mixing it up

I keep feeling a need to write out my thoughts. To get them out in the open and just discuss for anyone to follow and make comments if they want. My life, even though it seems simplistic to most around me, it’s very complicated. Meaning I tend to think [too] much about stuff and this …

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Freshened up

Enjoying trance and Korean pop music again. The first Kpop song I wanted to listen to was Kan Mi Youn’s Paparazzi. Chilled out in my recliner. Went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 6AM. Sat for two hours outside my house today, after my brother dropped me off because I didn’t know what …

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The porch swing by the ocean

I’d rather enjoy a calm evening sitting on the porch, wrapped in a wool blanket, watching the sun go down, near the ocean, instead of having someone bother me about my problems. I wish I could find someone to share the porch swing with.

A Hand Rest

Today, Memorial Day, I went on a day hike in the light to moderately heavy rain which poured down on my bare shoulders as I walked the trail. We got to the top and the rain stopped. Despite the rain, there were several other hikers and even some rock climbers. On my way home in …

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Evolution of a man

I ask for prayer, for a small item. I would like to get back to NC by the 11th for my brother’s party before his graduation from college. I deliver this load, tomorrow, the 9th. and I would like to have another single load shoot me straight back to the Carolinas without stopping. Thanks, if …

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Moving Along

Here’s to my second 2 weeks on the road. Some days are boring: i.e. – no music, no friends who answer their phones, no color in the shrubbery, etc. Some days are the opposite of the above. Most days are spent content that I get to drive, but wondering what I could possibly major in, …

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Art Poem

3 February 2003 – Literature Based Research Thou art one of many flowers in the field. Thou shinest with immense beauty and art a dove among many pigeons. I wouldst give my heart and life to lie beside you in the vast valley of roses. To serve you with devout passion and grace your body with …

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