How did you get interested in Korea?

When I quit truck driving, I was surfing on YouTube and found my first Asian drama, It Started with a Kiss, in Taiwanese. Then after awhile I found that I really liked watching Korean dramas. After that, I found two online sites for connecting with people who wanted to learn English. I focused just onContinue reading “How did you get interested in Korea?”

Why I’m learning Korean

Listening to Korean I’ve been listening to groups of Koreans speaking for almost 12 months now. So, lately, I’ve been more and more annoyed that I haven’t been pushing myself to learn. I have so many resources at my fingertips. Why learn? I see learning Korean as another challenge to pick up and run with.Continue reading “Why I’m learning Korean”

Christ died for our sins that we might die to sin

What am I missing… what am I lacking… what are my filthy rags in the presence of Jesus Christ my LORD… Jesus rescue me from this life of torments… Cover me with your hand… Embrace me for no other love can satisfy the moans that pour out from heart… Longing for the deepest sorrows withinContinue reading “Christ died for our sins that we might die to sin”

A white shimmer in the rain droplet

Within the last three months I’ve had a lot of sad feelings. Not from depression, but from loneliness. An idea struck me today, while I was being bothered with it. Pray for your future wife. I thought that’s really odd, but there’s nothing bad about praying so I gave it a try. Weird, the lonelinessContinue reading “A white shimmer in the rain droplet”