Using Synology Photos with Automation

There’s a repeated action I do every day and I want the phone to do it from now on. Open Synology Photos app after I start charging the phone so it can start its backup. I have Synology Photos app setup to backup on WiFi only. iOS Shortcuts Automation On the latest iOS, Shortcuts appContinue reading “Using Synology Photos with Automation”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

French speaker, English speaker, artist, graphite illustrator, French chef, criminal sketch artist, outdoor survivalist, private pilot, model rocket explorer, Appalachian Trail hiker and camper, 111 Search and Rescue Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol airman and emergency locator transmitter (ELT) scout, unicyclist, computer technician, morse code operator, owner of a ham radio FCC Extra Class License,Continue reading “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Single frame: Eye Browse

Bethany Graybill, dressed in 18th-century clothing, stands in the door of a cabin with one hand by her side and the other atop a stair railing. She glanced at another photographer to her right when I was framing this shot. There is an angle in the bench leaning against a tree, its legs sticking outContinue reading “Single frame: Eye Browse”

Sunset at Monarch Hill Road, Tunbridge, Vermont

This is one of my favorite spots in Tunbridge, Vermont, for a sunset. The first time I visited Vermont back in 2015, the daughter of the lady that I stayed with showed me this place. I decided to revisit this location in 2019 when I came for another visit. I had almost forgotten how toContinue reading “Sunset at Monarch Hill Road, Tunbridge, Vermont”

Use WordPress REST API to pull posts into React Native and stylize the HTML tags

Before I upgraded my React Native version to the latest, the react-native-render-html node module was working fine. After upgrading node.js, React Native, and Expo to the latest, it threw errors. At first I thought WordPress was the problem and I tried to solve it by coding a WordPress plugin to strip the HTML tags fromContinue reading “Use WordPress REST API to pull posts into React Native and stylize the HTML tags”

Single frame: Security Gap

It was a long drive down to Gaffney, South Carolina, riding in Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson’s white Chevy truck. We left the truck’s hood open because it overheated. It had a leak in the radiator, which I learned about days later. I retrieved my camera bag and locked the truck to follow Hutch down the street.Continue reading “Single frame: Security Gap”

Hiking Badin Lake Trail in Uwharrie National Forest

Last week I drove an hour and forty minutes north to Troy, North Carolina, to reach Uwharrie National Forest. Along the way, all on back roads, I saw many old barns and houses I could have stopped to photograph. A friend had just hiked a portion of the Badin Lake Trail in the last week,Continue reading “Hiking Badin Lake Trail in Uwharrie National Forest”

Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

It was my first time visiting South Royalton, Vermont. My friend drove me around the town and we were returning from Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe in Bethel. As we rounded the corner heading back into South Royalton on Route 14, I saw Eaton’s Sugarhouse’s rustic exterior wood slats for the first time as he spoke aboutContinue reading “Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse”