This ties in with my last post, diet, and will be short.

I’ll have a Greek yogurt or gluten-free bowl of cereal and a banana in the morning. If I am still hungry after an hour then I will make either a fruit or veggie smoothie.

At lunch, I try to eat a quick made-at-home meal or have another smoothie, which depends on how hungry I feel.

At supper, my Mom will make a balanced, homemade meal. I do eat a few apples, carrots, and saltless corn chips about two hours before sleeping. I try to stay somewhat hungry before going to sleep.

I am drinking lots of coffee, water, and if I really need it, I will have a soda. After starting this necessary gluten-free diet, I notice that soda sugars or other unnatural sugars make me tired and sluggish so I have cut back and opt for water or unsweetened tea most days.


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