Prices may change

Skill, Savvy, and Expertise

This is what I do professionally. If you need my services or have questions, please contact me.

Terms of Payment

  • 50% up-front non-refundable down-payment (all payments are non-refundable)
  • 50% cancellation fee if unforeseen circumstances occur or project is cancelled
  • Checks preferred, invoice sent to your email with payment details
  • Location, project length, and weather are factors for price calculation


  • Mileage
    • Up to 20-miles radius from Waxhaw, North Carolina
    • More than 20-miles, extra charge
  • Group Headshots or Group shots for up to 20 people
    • Full Day: $350 (two separate sessions in one day)
    • Half Day: $250 (one session up to three hours)
      • No editing included, no glamor editing, out-of-focus shots removed, pick from remaining JPGs, no printing included, no framing included
  • One Headshot Photo
    • Best single shot chosen out of five shots, no editing: $150
    • Best single shot chosen out of five shots, glamour editing after photo chosen, finished JPGs only: $275
  • Landscapes
    • Please email me an idea of what you need done and the street location of your business.