WordPress Developer

Prices may change

Skill, Savvy, and Expertise

This is what I do professionally. If you need my services or have questions, please contact me.

Terms of Payment

  • 50% up-front non-refundable down-payment (all payments are non-refundable)
  • 50% cancellation fee if unforeseen circumstances occur or project is cancelled
  • Checks preferred, invoice sent to your email with payment details


  • 12 years experience with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP
  • Price dependent on your needs
  • I don’t sell templates. Design is dependent on your input and questions I send you. Each custom design is created to match your needs.

Additional WordPress Services

  1. Monthly Maintenance Plan – You do have a site backup plan set up but you don’t have the time to learn or know about the plugins and themes you have installed to know that when those automatic updates are run that your website will still be working. It’s blind faith you have to let the site automatically update everything trusting it won’t go down. With this plan, I make it a point to know about these details, disable automatic updates, run a temporary backup before updating the website so that when a problem occurs during the update I can fix it. I will still recommend that you pay for an offsite backup service so you have a permanent backup always available to you as I only keep my backup until I see the website has successfully been updated. If you need peace of mind, choose this plan. $150/month