It’s time for another shift. I’ve become tired of Instagram. I don’t seem excited anymore when it is about putting my photography there. I still like to see so many people still interested in following me there and communicating with some of them. I might keep it for that only. I closed my other Instagram account yesterday, brinnemaneats. I added pictures of my gluten-free meals there.

If you have followed this blog for a while then you have read my ramblings concerning social media. I find myself looking at my Feedly account more often than not and my WordPress Reader to see the stories and adventures of those who can put them down with pictures and words. And I have tried in my own way to create these too.

Slowly I’m leaving all my spread out accounts like Instagram, Fine Art America, and eventually when my work doesn’t require me to use Facebook, I will leave it too.

Shifting my attention from external flower gardens to developing my own.


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