Single frame: Out on a Limb

I visited the outskirts of Clover, South Carolina with Hutch and we found many good locations to photograph. We had looked up the hill from the road as we drove past and saw Joe and Curtis, the land owners, getting out of their trucks. They were clearing a large expanse of land. Hutch saw them get out of their trucks and suggested turning around after we both saw the old barn outside and the gorgeous old tree. I made a u-turn at the general store on Route 55 and he got out to ask. Joe was really friendly and let us take as many pictures as we wanted while they drove off in their backhoes and dirt movers. He even had Curtis show us a rusty horseshoe lodged within the smooth trunk of a crape myrtle out front of the house on the property. It was over 100 years old, Joe mentioned to me as Hutch had already made his way over to see it. It was a sight to behold.

The photo is taken lower to the ground using my monopole and its three-foot base. On the Sony a6400 I used a wide lens to include the spike-tooth harrow, the limb pointing eerily towards the barn, and right in between, Hutch was kneeling one-legged on the ground with an aluminum monopole mounted to his Mamiya 645 film camera with Ilford HP5 120 film asa400. I noticed later that a small tree shoot was inline with him. It was a wonderful day for the photo trip towards Clover and other nearby towns. The clouds provided great lighting.




2 responses to “Single frame: Out on a Limb”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Great spot. I like that pointing branch. It really draws the eye.

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      Thank you, Robert.

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