Single frame: Security Gap

It was a long drive down to Gaffney, South Carolina, riding in Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson’s white Chevy truck. We left the truck’s hood open because it overheated. It had a leak in the radiator, which I learned about days later.

I retrieved my camera bag and locked the truck to follow Hutch down the street. The weather was cloudy with a bright sun occasionally making an appearance.

I saw an old warehouse with metal corrugated siding and rusty weathered signs fastened at eye level. Behind that building and on a hill covered with wild tall grass blowing in the wind, an old wood shed adjacent to a strong red brick wall covered by brush seemed to extend out from the hill it was set in. Another storage area came off the first at a 90-degree angle. Here there are two panel doors secured by this rusty lock but there’s a large gap between those two. Therefore I called this photograph, Security Gap.


  1. Daniel, you need to consider writing a book. You have a way of painting a picture for the reader.

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