Percentage demonstrates confidence and experience level


97%—Editing in Affinity Photo

95%—Landscape (4-years)

90%—Natural Light Portrait

80%—Flash Portrait

50%—Studio Light Portrait


95%—Interview with Pro Sound

95%—Events with Pro Sound

90%—Editing in Final Cut Pro X

90%—Livestream 720p – 1080p or SD Card


99%—Custom-coded Theme (PHP 11-yrs; HTML, CSS, UI/UX 15-yrs; JS, jQuery, Responsive Web Design 8-yrs—built and managed 14 websites from 2009 through the beginning of 2023.

99%—Custom install from scratch on Server

99%—Astra Pro Theme

99%—Recovering website from a hack

90%—Custom Post Types plotted on Google Maps Javascript API version 3


86%—Custom Plugin (functions.php transfer, admin dashboard with custom fields)

Web Server

95%—Email Support

95%—Ubuntu (Digital Ocean Droplet)

90%—CentOS (VPS Hosting)


90%—Jekyll Website and Blog (GitHub Pages, CI)

90%—macOS Batch Script

85%—Terminal Commands

iOS and Android Apps

50%—React Native and Expo (learning since 2020)

30%—React (learning since 2021)

5%—Flutter and Dart (learning since January 2022)

Computer Support

99%—macOS 10.2.8-present

99%—Windows 3.1 – 11

99%—WiFi and Wired Networks

90%—Windows Remove Viruses/Trojans

99%—Email Transfer (experience with 2000+ accounts)

99%—iOS and Android Mobile Support

90%—Remote Support


85%—Chrome OS

80%—Ubuntu Desktop 6.04-16

Web Service

99%—Gmail since April 1, 2004 (beta user)

99%—Google Workspace (experience since Google Apps in 2006—setup transfer and troubleshooting for 11+ companies, Chromebook enrollment)



90%—Backblaze and B2 Cloud

85%—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and countless others (several years experience)



99%—16 years of blogging

85%—Chicago Manual of Style training as a Copy Editor


99%—Google web research

90%—Adobe Creative Suite CS3 and CS4 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver—in order of time spent during 1-yr college training)

90%—Panic’s Coda/ Nova, Atom, Visual Studio Code (preferred to hand-code readable and semantic code)

90%—MailChimp, Constant Contact

90%—Microsoft Office, Apple iWork