[SOLVED] Jetpack Comments social login icons not showing on WordPress websites in Safari



I had been leaving comments on other WordPress websites. Some sites showed the social icons and others didn’t. I couldn’t seem to find a solution for Safari so I was filling in the three fields every time I wanted to leave a comment and I noticed in the WordPress app that those comments and replies were not showing up anymore under the notifications tab.

So a few weeks ago I thought to return to using the WordPress app for leaving a comment because then it will show. After seeing social icons on a second blog owned by an author of the first blog I mostly followed, I went back to the first blog and didn’t see them there nor did I see them on my own self-hosted blog or on another’s blog using the same setup as mine. I went into my Jetpack Discussion settings and saw it was turned on but I wasn’t seeing them in Safari.

I thought maybe if I turn them off and then on, it will reset something. That didn’t change anything. I just so happened to see a link titled “Learn more” right under that section. It took me to the tutorial for Jetpack Comments and that’s when I saw this wording.

I went to my Safari Settings and noticed that this additional switch was on, which I intentionally had enabled in the past to cut back on ads. I wondered if turning it off would help.

I switched it off and refreshed the blog post page in Safari for both my site and other WordPress websites. The social icons were showing again!

Now I can stop using the WordPress app to leave comments because I am able to sign into my WordPress account through the comments on the website and my comments with their future replies now show up in the WordPress app and on the notifications drop down within my website’s backend. 🙂


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