Stepping back



In the early days of my exploration of the webs, I signed up for a lot of Web 2.0 Beta tests and social media sites. Today, after a year or more of thinking this through, I deactivated my Facebook account. Not only Facebook but Instagram, Foursquare and a few others. As one person has described it, it can be a time-suck. What are my main points for stepping back?

For a long time, I didn’t use Facebook, then someone near me said that I needed it to do this and that in a church group. Well, I signed up and started using it but I posted too much, so I had to create lists so certain people wouldn’t get bombarded with data. Then I signed up for the Google Plus Beta preview and thought, I really like this place more than Facebook, so I posted less on Facebook. This year, I used Facebook primarily for sharing Bible verses and some of my photography but only those who were really close to me in those true friendships, they left comments or thumbs up. And I used Facebook chat, but most of the time I was the one initiating the chats and not them with me, so that also made me think, why am I wasting my efforts here.

I want to write more and do social media less. Be more creative.


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