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Stop whistling feedback in AirPods Pro when using Noise Cancellation

I looked for a solution to fix the whistling in the AirPods Pro over six months but to no avail. I used them with Noise Cancellation and Transparency (Noise Control) turned off because I didn’t hear the whining feedback in my left AirPods Pro earbud when I put them in. Meanwhile, I purchased a cheaper pair of wireless earbuds which actually had better noise cancellation and background isolation but I had to disable Bluetooth on every device except for the device I wanted to listen to.

I tried one last search recently and happened on a video tutorial talking about a different problem with them and thought my problem wouldn’t be solved by his suggestion.

Well, last night, almost two weeks after finding that video I decided to try blowing compressed air into all the orifices of both earbuds and the ear tips. It actually worked! No more squealing sounds.




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