I have recently discovered as an alternative to writing with a WordPress website. I was looking for other writers who also share an interest in photography and found there are many quality writers on Substack.

They also have a good business plan if you want to write and make money from it. You can have subscribers who follow your blog and others who pay. Those who pay will see whatever posts you hide behind the paywall. And you can connect your domain name to the newsletter. It’s a simpler platform than WordPress to use. They also provide a method to distribute a podcast.

Here’s one writer I found today.

Here’s another photographer I’m following.


2 responses to “Substack”

  1. Jim Grey Avatar

    I’ve had my blog on WordPress for so long that I shudder to think what a job it would be to change platforms. But I have toyed with migrating my email newsletter to Substack. One feature missing with my email provider is the ability for people to freely read past newsletters, and for me to link to past newsletters, both of which Substack features.

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      I know what you mean, Jim. I’ve already been down that path many times before I finally settled with WordPress. Maybe there’s a “hack” to find a solution for that email newsletter deficiency.

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