Sunday: A Day of Rest

I started my morning with my usual Bible plan for each day of the week. For me, it has proved time and again to be the best foundation for each day. After that time, it is followed by at least one sermon or a five-minute message from Running to Win’s pastor Erwin Lutzer. Then I pray for myself and the day ahead. Last, I pray for all other requests I have received from friends and others brought to mind.

This Sunday morning I had planned to stay home and worship with mom while we watched the church livestream. Then we ate lunch.

I had to return to my bed to rest as a migraine had overtaken me. I cannot be around bright lights even after taking two red Ibuprofen pills. I feel nauseated and dizzy if I don’t lie down soon. The many times I have had a migraine since high school, a good nap has taken care of it.

I was reading Olli Thomson’s blog and listening to my collection of classical music with everything from Yo-Yo Ma to Tchaikovsky to Handel. I really enjoy classical music. Both together motivated me to write.




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