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  • Drive-thru service

    Drive-thru service

    The bank…

  • SEO, Marketing and Web Programming, Oh My!

    This year, I’ve been spending more time on myself. Filling in the cracks to the knowledge that I already have building sites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) structures. Encouraging my clients to follow the basics of SEO that I’ve written about already. Although not directly related to SEO, I wanted to jump in to Javascript […]

  • How do you advertise yourself?

    I couldn’t have landed The Mosquito Authority job without the help of Jesus Christ and the many prayers from friends and family. Before this particular job, I had been struggling for two years to find consistent work, month to month. These days, I’m humbled to give an answer to the most often asked question, “How […]

  • My process for design conceptualization

    I met a new client at the end of July 2014 and only now in mid-September 2014, after lots of back and forth, primarily getting content from them, lots of looking for design inspiration and lots of praying for a good design, it’s finally coming together. Tomorrow, I meet with them to go over the […]

  • Why should I have a blog?

    Search Engine Optimization You provide keywords in your posts that search engines are looking for. They look through the web when someone uses Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine to find the words the seeker is looking for. Be an Authority Figure When you write about your passions on a website, that shows your […]

  • How to pick your best clients

    You need clients to provide you with an outlet for creative design and they need you for their business to grow. When I first started, I just wanted to work for someone and get it done. As I went through several contacts, I realized that I needed to focus more on who they were and […]