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  • Mr. Gray

    In the late 1980s and early 90s when I attended College Park United Brethren Church in Huntington, Indiana, I admired the role of the ushers dressed in pinstripe sky blue suits who carried large wooden platters with brass rims and royal purple felted bottoms to collect the offering from the large congregation by walking down […]

  • Bernie


    Sunday afternoon I was talking it over with Hutch about my thoughts, over a span of four weeks, to take pictures at my friend’s delayed retirement service and the after-service meet-and-greet. I said to him that I had decided not to take pictures but then moments before the service I saw that I just wanted […]

  • Photographing church banners

    I was hired by Jim White in February to shoot forty-four church banners made by him, his wife, and the women of Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church. I took my tripod, camera, a remote trigger, a gold reflector, and two variable LED soft box lights.

  • Single frame: Sunset at Christ Covenant

    I was digging through my archives and found this hidden gem. At first, I wanted to toss it out because it was too plain. Plain as in I’ve seen this arrangement of colors too many times before. I opened this very large TIFF file and found that there was more color hidden within the edges […]

  • Side view of Red Door Church

    It’s been two months since my last edit. Here’s my first.