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  • Hiking Badin Lake Trail in Uwharrie National Forest

    Last week I drove an hour and forty minutes north to Troy, North Carolina, to reach Uwharrie National Forest. Along the way, all on back roads, I saw many old barns and houses I could have stopped to photograph. A friend had just hiked a portion of the Badin Lake Trail in the last week, […]

  • Exploring the great outdoors

    I went up to Boone to hike three miles over a mountain and around it. It was supposed to be a two and a half hour drive up but I somehow made good time and arrived in two hours. My friend and I just returned from having brisket and pulled pork for lunch at Pedalin’ […]

  • Lost interests

    I was reading a short post on a friend’s site and he mentioned “lost hobbies.” Here’s my compilation of…

  • Owl’s Head Mountain

    It was a good hike…