SOOC: 2022 The Battle of Charlotte

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, I visited Rural Hill in Huntersville, North Carolina, to see the reenactment of this year’s Battle of Charlotte. Tickets were purchased online in advance. The day was mostly cloudy with lots of heat (88–91ºF) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. I dropped the exposure on my camera because of theContinue reading “SOOC: 2022 The Battle of Charlotte”

Setting up antennas for Field Day

I took my friend Paul Closius to Siler Presbyterian Church in Wesley Chapel where the Union County Amateur Radio Society club was setting up two 4:1 dipoles and a vertical antenna. One of the dipoles was 130 feet end to end. All for high frequency operations, I presume. We sat and watched as four menContinue reading “Setting up antennas for Field Day”

Monroe Art Walk 2022

My friend Michael Hutchinson has started displaying his photography in the Dowd Center Theatre in Monroe, North Carolina. On the second day of a month’s-long gallery show at the theatre, I went up in the afternoon to support him. I met him outside after he had just finished a hot dog he had bought fromContinue reading “Monroe Art Walk 2022”

Single frame: Firing the Flintlock

This is from the living history workshop that I attended, which I mentioned in my workshop post. My composition has A. J. Bennett firing his Flintlock musket towards the wood with the Historic Latta Plantation house in the background. I’ve removed the modern inventions from the photo to keep it in the 19th-century time periodContinue reading “Single frame: Firing the Flintlock”

Single frame: Waxhaw water tower from northeast view

Heading south through Waxhaw, the day was coming to a close and traffic was heavy so I pulled off at BB&T bank and from the top of the hill, I was able to get a photograph of the water tower through the trees.

Single frame: Waxhaw Antiques

This was taken in May of 2015. I distinctly remembering having an hour of free time after I had gotten my hair and beard trimmed at Broome Barber Shop. It was a warm cloudy day and the sun was high in the sky, which I knew would lend towards a good black and white withContinue reading “Single frame: Waxhaw Antiques”