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  • Single frame: Sunset in Wesley Chapel

    Single frame: Sunset in Wesley Chapel

    A friend and I went to an amateur radio club meeting and after it was over we both saw this beautiful sunset outside. I happened to have my Fujifilm X100S and this is a straight out of camera shot.

  • Single frame: Eye Browse

    Single frame: Eye Browse

    Bethany Graybill, dressed in 18th-century clothing, stands in the door of a cabin with one hand by her side and the other atop a stair railing. She glanced at another photographer to her right when I was framing this shot. There is an angle in the bench leaning against a tree, its legs sticking out […]

  • Single frame: Security Gap

    Single frame: Security Gap

    It was a long drive down to Gaffney, South Carolina, riding in Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson’s white Chevy truck. We left the truck’s hood open because it overheated. It had a leak in the radiator, which I learned about days later. I retrieved my camera bag and locked the truck to follow Hutch down the street. […]

  • Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    It was my first time visiting South Royalton, Vermont. My friend drove me around the town and we were returning from Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe in Bethel. As we rounded the corner heading back into South Royalton on Route 14, I saw Eaton’s Sugarhouse’s rustic exterior wood slats for the first time as he spoke about […]

  • Single frame: The Exclusive Shot (color)

    Single frame: The Exclusive Shot (color)

    Pulled out a file from 2015 in Capture One Pro after upgrading my license. I had edited this into a monochrome at one time. This was from one of my first road trips with photographer Michael Hutchinson down to Gaffney, South Carolina. I wrestled with the colors, balance, and cropping to finally arrive at a […]

  • Single frame: Sunrise at Burns Family Produce

    Single frame: Sunrise at Burns Family Produce

    I was heading to Matthews to meet another photographer for a road trip to Virginia. Therefore I had to leave early in the morning and it so happened that I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I pulled into Burns Family Produce as I had noticed in past days that the fields were growing and that […]

  • Single frame: Out on a Limb

    I visited the outskirts of Clover, South Carolina with Hutch and we found many good locations to photograph. We had looked up the hill from the road as we drove past and saw Joe and Curtis, the land owners, getting out of their trucks. They were clearing a large expanse of land. Hutch saw them […]

  • Single frame: Barn and Spike-tooth Harrow

    Single frame: Barn and Spike-tooth Harrow

    I had been working in the office all week and needed to get out. I took off yesterday with another photographer for a day trip to a few South Carolina towns. This is one of the places I turned around for and he asked the owner for permission to shoot this. They were really friendly.

  • Single frame: Firing the Flintlock

    Single frame: Firing the Flintlock

    This is from the living history workshop that I attended, which I mentioned in my workshop post. My composition has A. J. Bennett firing his Flintlock musket towards the wood with the Historic Latta Plantation house in the background. I’ve removed the modern inventions from the photo to keep it in the 19th-century time period […]

  • Single frame: Waxhaw water tower from northeast view

    Single frame: Waxhaw water tower from northeast view

    Heading south through Waxhaw, the day was coming to a close and traffic was heavy so I pulled off at BB&T bank and from the top of the hill, I was able to get a photograph of the water tower through the trees.