Lightroom Classic

I’ve been having a disconnect between the storage of my photographs and the editing process for several months. I’ve used Affinity Photo for the longest time and creating individual files for each edit. Somehow I happened on Lightroom Classic (LrC) after trying numerous other tools and this time around something was different with the interfaceContinue reading “Lightroom Classic”

Single frame: Rusty Robinson at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat

Rusty Robinson was standing behind a wooden workbench in a cabin at Brattonsville when I walked in. Two small doors and a gap behind the bench dimly lit the cabin. A young man was engaging Rusty in a conversation while I stood off to the side in the shadows to take pictures. Here he pullsContinue reading “Single frame: Rusty Robinson at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat”

Single frame: Security Gap

It was a long drive down to Gaffney, South Carolina, riding in Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson’s white Chevy truck. We left the truck’s hood open because it overheated. It had a leak in the radiator, which I learned about days later. I retrieved my camera bag and locked the truck to follow Hutch down the street.Continue reading “Single frame: Security Gap”

Single frame: Out on a Limb

I visited the outskirts of Clover, South Carolina with Hutch and we found many good locations to photograph. We had looked up the hill from the road as we drove past and saw Joe and Curtis, the land owners, getting out of their trucks. They were clearing a large expanse of land. Hutch saw themContinue reading “Single frame: Out on a Limb”

Single frame: Barn and Spike-tooth Harrow

I had been working in the office all week and needed to get out. I took off yesterday with another photographer for a day trip to a few South Carolina towns. This is one of the places I turned around for and he asked the owner for permission to shoot this. They were really friendly.