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  • Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    It was my first time visiting South Royalton, Vermont. My friend drove me around the town and we were returning from Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe in Bethel. As we rounded the corner heading back into South Royalton on Route 14, I saw Eaton’s Sugarhouse’s rustic exterior wood slats for the first time as he spoke about […]

  • Single frame: Felicia Post

    It was a bright day when we stepped outside for the photo. The weather was between 40 – 50°F and five foot snow banks covered by mud were slowly melting away. I had just finished live-streaming seven sessions and workshops in the South Royalton, Vermont church. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to photograph […]

  • Mud season

    It’s mud season in South Royalton, Vermont. I went outside to pick up two cold unsweetened reduced decaf black teas at R.B.’s Deli. It was 49F degrees with no wind chill. I like the texture contrast of the muddy snow mountains to the gray fog and heavy cloud cover.

  • Downtown South Royalton

    I took these after walking halfway up to Kents Ledge in the early morning. It was September of 2019 in Vermont.