Close up

My perspective on photography has started to shift. When I first started in photography with a Sony a6000 in 2015, I was drawn to that camera by sunsets and eventually made many time-lapses. Abandoned buildings and rusted cars drew my attention for the next several years and new friends as a result. A year agoContinue reading “Close up”

Brokenness, Love and Redemption

This past Friday night, I went to a friend’s workshop to turn wood. He was in his study with a friend when I arrived. They were working on the ham radio equipment together. We went down to the workshop and he showed me several pieces of wood that I could use on the lathe. AfterContinue reading “Brokenness, Love and Redemption”

Catfishing in West Africa

Written for an English III Descriptive class. Based on true experiences. As a boy in the savannahs of West Africa, I enjoyed going catfishing with my native friends. We loved being outside so much that we would spend the whole day just trying to catch catfish. With the sun on our backs and grasping ourContinue reading “Catfishing in West Africa”