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  • Recovering from WordPress 5.5 crash

    Backups are so important even if…

  • Hardening WordPress Security on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu Server Droplet

    This is my third entry in my WordPress security series. The $ in the code blocks represents the command line prompt. Ctrl+C will clear page logs when they hide the command line prompt. Use arrow keys in nano editor to move through file. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS at the time of this writing. Update all installed […]

  • WordPress Installation Security

    If you haven’t read my first post in this series, The Basics of WordPress Security, read it now then come back here. The second line of defense is your installation of WordPress. I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the installation in this post. You all know about those easy-to-use install services on your hosting platform […]

  • The Basics of WordPress Security

    The basics of WordPress security begins with your hosting platform. I use HostGator. Use a non-shared hosting plan. If you can afford the bill, sign up for Managed WordPress or VPS account. If you’re the WordPress designer and you can’t afford those hefty prices and you like to learn everything you can about WordPress (even […]

  • Recovering from a malware attack

    This is my first encounter in over 10 years of doing web design. There was a large site that started showing up in the Google search results with a subtitle showing “This site may harm your computer.” It was interesting to read up on the many forums and blogs giving advice to clean it. It […]