The Best Camera

The best camera that I carry is my mobile phone. After reading and skimming through Khürt’s My iPhone Photography Bag, I wanted to punch out details of what I use. I’m starting a new day from having a half-bad-day yesterday with a migraine, feeling nauseated and sleeping for half the day to recover. I still feel some it haunting parts of my body today.

Until just recently, I used a 21MP camera on the Moto X Pure Edition (MXPE) and then it gave up the ghost after three years. Now I have a 12MP camera on the Google Pixel 2 (GP2) and I’m retraining muscle memories to use it well. Where MXPE was better at capturing low-light photos, the GP2 doesn’t despite the advertising out there about those awesome night shots. Maybe I’m missing a feature for those night shots, the Pixel Visual Core chip possibly.

The mobile phone is not the best camera for professional shots, we all know that as photographers because we’ve experienced better quality. In the moment that you want to capture what you’re seeing and don’t want to forget it, then the mobile phone is right.

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