Unplanned Happy Moments



Khürt Williams wrote Casual Discovery, not planning for photography but taking pictures of moments as they happened.

I’m really enjoying sitting outside as the sun warms my face and watching all these people interact with each other.

I plan my trips to take pictures, the general direction and how far to go. The happy moments (thinking about Bob Ross’ coined phrase) happen as I drive towards those destinations. I’m on the lookout for good visuals. Stop, get out, compose a few scenes, then again driving until I find another fascination.

On days where my mood is lousy because of the weather, I look for contrast. Heavy shadows and bright highlights in objects because the sky doesn’t lend to good visuals used to bum my mood more but now I know how to see it differently and my mood is lifted because I have a new perspective and purpose for changing them to black and white.


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