Using Synology Photos with Automation



There’s a repeated action I do every day and I want the phone to do it from now on. Open Synology Photos app after I start charging the phone so it can start its backup. I have Synology Photos app setup to backup on WiFi only.

iOS Shortcuts Automation

On the latest iOS, Shortcuts app can be used to run a personal automation. Install it from the App Store. Open it and tap on Automation. If it’s your first time, tap on Create Personal Automation, if not tap on +. Select Charger then Is Connected then Next. Under Next Action Suggestions, tap Open App. Tap light blue highlighted “App” next to Open word. Select Synology Photos Mobile app. Tap Next, disable Ask Before Running and tap Don’t Ask. Tap Done.

Bixby Routines

I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy phone but there are plenty of YouTube videos on this topic. I used a couple videos to piece together these instructions.

On newer Galaxy Samsung phone with the latest system update, go to Settings, go to Advanced Features, enable Bixby Routines slider switch then tap on“Bixby Routines” to go into its settings. Tap on Add Routine or + then tap on “If +” and choose Charging status (with plus symbol), choose Charging, tap on Done. Tap on “Then +” choose Open an App (with plus symbol), choose Synology Photos Mobile then tap on Done. Tap on Next and give the routine a name. Back on the home screen, pull down the settings area and make sure Bixby Routines icon is enabled.


For pure Android on Google Pixel phones, follow the Create a Routine instructions.

Create your own

Quite possibly your phone is missing a feature that you would like to have or you’ve moved from Android to iOS and are missing some of the Google Assistant functionality such as taking a selfie. Try creating your own automation or routine.


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