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In my high school years, my friends introduced me to the many aspects of owning an amateur radio. The first time I saw my friends the Hunters they were holding these small handheld Kenwood radios, and it interested me, but when they told me about them it just went over my head. They told me to just study for the Federal Communications Commission license, and then it would make sense.

It did.

Back then I didn’t know anything about radios, and I learned as I went along in this ham radio hobby. Now many years later, I have the highest license attainable, the Extra Class. The last time I used my gear seems like eight years ago. I was drifting away from it as flip phones and smartphones became more affordable and less people around me showed interest in continuing the hobby, having good gatherings, and being found on the airwaves. In my previous car, I had the radio gear installed for awhile, and then I removed it all when that car went to the junkyard. In my next vehicle, I made up my mind not to ruin its appearance with radios and antennas, but lately this year, I’ve been thinking about it all. But where to put it? There is so little space in this vehicle. I’ve been thinking if it’s possible, if I would really use it, or is it worth my time. Watching installation videos provided a few ideas to do an inconspicuous installation. I’ll keep exploring this.


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  1. Joan Sherlock Avatar
    Joan Sherlock

    Sounds to me like you’re missing it-and would like to re-establish your radio hobby again!

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      You could be right. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Moe Avatar

    Just like me. I have a 2m/440 ready to install in my Jetta. Have a couple issues to address like getting the rear seat to lay down so I can install it in the front top of the trunk. The glass mount antennas are still attached although they aren’t the best from what I hear. Maybe I’ll get to it soon.

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      Moe, here’s a custom YouTube search to give you ideas for the VW. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=volkswagen+jetta+%22ham+radio%22+install You might consider building a custom center console for the radio, like this series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNCBIXQlnp4

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